Benchmarking Oracle
Database Platforms

peakmarks® is the leading Benchmark Software for Oracle platforms, be it on-premise or in the cloud. peakmarks® determines the most important performance metrics for platform components, representative database operations and critical Oracle background processes.

Performance metrics are useful to answer questions about

  • Quality assurance: Does an on-premise platform or cloud service meet the performance requirements? Are the manufacturer's performance promises fulfilled?
  • Evaluation: Which infrastructure solutions, products, technologies and configurations offer the best price-performance ratio, taking Oracle license-costs into account?
  • Capacity management: What size is right when Oracle database services are moved to the cloud?

peakmarks® Benchmark Software is a tool to increase the efficiency and price/performance ratio of Oracle platforms, enabling Oracle databases to deliver predictable and sustainable performance.


Oracle platforms are characterized by high complexity. Only through benchmarking reliable performance data are determined to ensure that all performance requirements are met in operation. peakmarks analyzes the performance of a platform based on 50+ representative workloads. peakmarks collects performance statistics from the Oracle repository and presents the key figures in a format easy to understand.

Processor Performance

The CPU speed has enormous impact on license costs. A 30 % faster CPU reduces Oracle licensing costs by 30 %. peakmarks uses PL/SQL programs and Oracle data types such as NUMBER, VARCHAR2, and DATE to determine the processor speed.

Server Performance

Main memory is the key to ultimate Oracle performance. peakmarks analyzes server efficiency with Oracle queries on tables that are completely stored in main memory.

Storage Performance

peakmarks generates I/O load with SQL transactions and therefore provides more realistic performance indicators as tools such as Iometer, fio, vdbench or Orion .

Data Bulk Load Performance

peakmarks delivers performance metrics for throughput during bulk load for different loading techniques. If DataGuard is used, the transport capacity of the network infrastructure is measured.

Data Analytics Performance

Data Warehouse, Data Analytics and Big Data applications require fast data scan performance while at the same time complex analytic functions are processed. peakmarks compares the performance characteristics of «row store», «column store» and conventional storage for typical analytical queries

Online Transaction Processing Performance

peakmarks delivers understandable performance indicators for typical OLTP transactions (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) for various transaction profiles. If Data Guard is used, the impact of replication on local transaction performance is measured.


peakmarks® Performance Analyzer

With more than 50 Oracle workloads for components (processor, server, storage ) and representative database operations (data bulk load, data analytics, OLTP ) peakmarks is the most comprehensive benchmark suite for Oracle platforms.

Workloads are analyzed in different load situations from a single process up to system saturation. peakmarks can be adapted to the infrastructure and scales from a notebook to the largest SMP and cluster configurations.

The peakmarks Performance Analyzer is available as a perpetual license as well as a subscription license. Request a quote.

peakmarks® Agenda Benchmark Workshop

Oracle Platform Health Check

Performance specialists from peakmarks measure your Oracle platform. Performance bottlenecks are identified immediately. All benchmark results are put together in a PowerPoint presentation and, if desired, compared to  «best-in-class» systems. The benchmark, the analysis of the results and the final presentation takes per platform 3 to 5 days.

Oracle Platform Assessment

peakmarks® Discovery Workshop

This one-day seminar is intended for system architects and decision-makers who are responsible for engineering, operation and evaluation of Oracle database Database Platforms.

The seminar gives participants a neutral market overview of the most important technology trends of Oracle platforms. All layers of an Oracle platform will be presented and it will be pointed out how price/performance ratio of Oracle platforms can be optimized in consideration of the license and maintenance costs.

Concrete Oracle benchmark results with infrastructure components from market leaders deepen the participants' knowledge and allow decisions based on facts.

peakmarks® Discovery Workshop


peakmarks Ltd. is a vendor-independent company, offering services and software products for benchmarking Oracle platforms. peakmarks, founded initially as Benchware in 2011, is located in Thalwil near Zürich (Switzerland).

Manfred Drozd and his team have developed benchmark software for over 15 years to identify most important key performance metrics of Oracle platforms. Benchmarking helps to understand platform performance based on factual knowledge. The methodology is fast, representative and reliable.

Large Oracle OLTP und DWH customers are using peakmarks® Benchmark Software for quality assurance, platform evaluation and optimization of license fees. Even hardware vendors use peakmarks® Benchmark Software to analyze the performance of their technology in representative Oracle operation.

peakmarks® Company Presentation