Benchmarking Oracle
Database Services

peakmarks® is the leading benchmark software for Oracle Database Services - both on-premise and in the cloud.

peakmarks® Benchmark Software provides performance indicators for

  • Quality Assurance
  • Evaluation
  • Capacity Planning


Quality assurance. Performance bottlenecks are recognized immediately. Performance promises of the providers can be checked easily and quickly.

Evaluation. Performance indicators and license costs impact price/performance considerations of database services. This makes it easy to evaluate different solutions, technologies, and configurations.

Capacity planning.  When migrating database services to new platforms or cloud services, performance indicators are a solid foundation for capacity planning.

Peakmarks – Swiss Precision in Benchmarking Oracle Database Services.


Oracle Database Services are based on highly complex platforms. Only through systematic benchmarking reliable performance indicators can be determined to ensure that all performance requirements are met during operation.

A comprehensive benchmark project can be completed within a week. This is significantly faster than a proof-of-concept, which can take several weeks and whose significance is limited to the tested application at a certain point in time.

Cloud services can change the components of their platform at any time and without prior notice. By repeated performance analysis with peakmarks® Benchmark Software, the performance quality is checked quickly, continuously, and reliably.

peakmarks® Key Performance Metrics

Peakmarks will present its approach at the TPC Technology Conference on August 26, 2019 in Los Angeles


peakmarks® Benchmark Software

With over 40 workloads, peakmarks is the most comprehensive benchmark suite for Oracle Database Services. The most critical performance indicators are determined for:

  • Server and storage systems in database operation
  • Essential database processes, responsible for transaction management (Log Writer) and buffer management (Database Writer)
  • Representative database operations such as Data Load, Data Analytics, and Transaction Processing
  • Application programs in PL/SQL

In contrast to many open source benchmark tools, the peakmarks® Benchmark Software is continuously further developed. New database functions are added to the list of workloads if they are relevant for the measurement of the platform and the choice of the solution architecture.

peakmarks® Benchmark Software

peakmarks® Performance Assessment

Our performance specialists measure your Oracle database services within a few days at a fixed price. A peakmarks® Performance Assessment can save a long-lasting and expensive proof-of-concept.

Bottlenecks, misconfigurations, and malfunctions of database services are detected before going life. This ensures that the Oracle database service delivers the expected performance permanently from day one in all load situations. We call this predictable and sustained performance.

When evaluating suitable cloud services and on-premise infrastructure components, up to 50% of license and maintenance costs can be saved by selecting the right components. This allows an efficient database service to be achieved with minimal Oracle licensing and maintenance costs.

peakmarks® Performance Assessment

peakmarks® Benchmark Workshop

This 2-day workshop is aimed at system architects and decision makers who are responsible for the efficiency, performance, and evaluation of Oracle Database Services.

The workshop teaches the necessary techniques for a systematic benchmarking of Oracle Database Services, whether on-premise or in the cloud. The most critical performance indicators required for price/performance comparisons, capacity planning, and performance monitoring of cloud services are presented.

Concrete benchmark results with systems from market leaders deepen knowledge and enable fact-based decisions.

peakmarks® Benchmark Workshop


Peakmarks is a vendor-independent company that offers services and software for benchmarking Oracle Database Services.

Users of Oracle databases for transaction processing, data warehouse and data analytics use peakmarks® Benchmark Software for quality assurance, platform evaluation, capacity planning, and license cost optimization.

Hardware manufacturers use the peakmarks® Benchmark Software to continually test the performance of their technology in Oracle database operation with representative workloads and under realistic conditions.

Cloud service providers and consumers use peakmarks® Benchmark Software to monitor service quality periodically.

peakmarks® Company Presentation

Peakmarks offers various licensing options for data centers, service providers, and hardware manufacturers.